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I recently made a new blog called: “Christian Corner”

It is all based on Christianity.

I will post testimonies, bible verses, pictures and comments, testimonies of others and many more things.

Please go to this blog and follow it! I am also the author and it is all based on God!

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Second Poll (Confused)

Hey Everyone. Please! I would appreciate if you would take this poll and tell me what advise would you guys want me to publish. If you want me to publish you personal experience and want me to publish your advise then e-mail me at and you can tell me you personal experience and then I will create a personal username just for you and I will post the advise!! Please and Thank you! 😀


Follower’s Experience

        Hello everyone. This is a Personal Experience from one of my followers. She decided that her username would be: “RollyPolly96”. Remember everyone, if you need advise on a specific thing and down know who to tell it to, e-mail me or text me and I will gladly post an advise. Just send me your problems, give me your made-up username and I will post it and tell you personally when I have posted the advise so you can see it.



Here is ‘RollyPolly96’ Personal Experience:

“Currently I am beginning to get to know this guy from my school and we are really good friends. We have both confessed that we like each other but we haven’t kissed or have gone out on a real official date. I mean, we have gone out but just as friends. The thing is that people have started noticing that we have been spending too much time together and they have started questioning me about him. Things like ‘Are you guys going out?’ or ‘Since when are you guys together?’ and it has driving me crazy! The point is that we talked about it and we decided to ignore the comments people are making and continue our ‘relationship’ like normal. That’s when everything gets worse. My friends stopped talking me like they used to because they didn’t like when I didn’t tell them about the guys and when they talk to me its only to ask me about him. And now all the drama comes tumbling down. One day my friends huddled around me and starting saying that they saw my ‘Boyfriend’ talking to another girl. That did shock me a little bit but since we were not together, it didn’t bug me as much. What did bug me was that my friends were always in my business. I went to talk to him and we sorted things out and it was all ok but I need advise. What should I do about my friends and what should I do with this ‘Relationship’ I have with him?”

Well, Rolly, that is a problem that teenagers are almost always going through. from what I read. You did the right thing on talking it through with this guy and if he was mature enough to sit and talk about it with you then he is a keeper.



My advise?


“Every relationship begins with a friendship. And the key to every successful  relationship is communication and if he is up to talking with you about the problems between you two, that means he is mature enough for a real relationship. Don’t end the special relationship you have with him because he does seem like a good guy and If you decide to only be friends it wouldn’t mind because you have a supper friendship to land back on. About your friends and how they act towards the drama? Well, all I can say is to ignore the comments and the next time they ask you about that topic you confront them and tell them that you don’t want to keep hearing about it and to lay off the topic. If they don’t like that well that literally means that all they care about is the drama and getting in everyone’s business. But if they are real friends that means that they really care about and they would lay off the topic.”



That is my advise to you, RollyPolly96, and I hope this solves all your problems and remember, a real man will understand and will tolerate what ever is needed to keep something they really care about. A mature man will sit down and talk about your problems. Real friends will be with you in the good times and bad times and they will always help you through thick and thin. But just relax and let everything unravel by it self and you will see that it will all be worth it! 


“Popularity is a social Disease”

This is an advise based on the poll I made a week ago. That poll was questioning your opinion a bout “Popularity”. If you haven’t taken this poll is 2 – 3 post under this one.

“Popularity is just a social status used to judge you by the way you are”

That is the answer that had more votes in the pole. For you who chose “I wish I was popular” and “If you are not popular, you are a no body” or NOW decide that THAT is your opinion towards “Popularity”, then you should really continue reading this blog post.

Currently I am a high School student so I know what I am talking about. I will now talk about my point of view toward high school and all its “tags”. My point of view in high school? My point of view is the outcast group, the geeks, nerds, losers; any social status considered the lowest. That’s me in my school and, honestly, its bearable but sometimes it gets way out of control.

My typical day at my school?

Well, once I get to school some of my “outcast” friends greet me and we talk for a while. Once the bell rings I walk toward my homeroom and take the things out of my locker (the lockers are inside the classrooms.) That’s when some of the name calling begins and the occasional bumping into my shoulder on purpose. I then sit down on my chair and some girls take pity on me and start talking to me. I just ignore them and out my head down. The day drags on and I get into some fights with other girls and other classes are the best of them all. School for me isn’t that bad but we all get bullied by popularity and society standards in school.

“Being ‘popular’ isn’t the best thing in high school. Being an ‘outcast’ isn’t the worst thing about high school either. High school is all about what you make of it with your friends. Popularity, in definition, is when people know you and cherish you and know everything about you. Being popular isn’t about how many people know you and how many people you are ‘friends’ with;  Actually, Popularity is just invented by society to exclude other people but, if within your group, you are accepted, then doesn’t that make you popular too? Think about it. If you feel comfortable within your own group of friends, then that’s all it takes to make your life better in high school. Make memories and high school will be with it. Popularity doesn’t matter anymore, and being if being an outcast mean you get to have real friends that are with you in the good times and bad times, then in that case, I would rather be an outcast all the way.”

Dangerous Break-ups


Him: But we can still be friends!

Her: I understand….. And by the way, saying: “We can still be friends!” is like saying: “The dog died but we can still keep it!”

Has anyone been through a very hard break-up?  Do you sometimes don’t understand why he or she broke up with you? Well, I went through a break-up too, but I wasn’t the dumpee, I was the dumper at that time. But in that relationship, it didn’t matter. Why? Because even thou I dumped HIM, HE was the one who tried to break me, but I didn’t let him. How you might ask. Well, let me tell you:

First: He was cheating on me with his ex ever since we became official. He told me he was single and that his ex was always stalking him. Of course, as the little naĂŻve girl I was, I bought it and this “ex” and him were still together.

Second: Our relationship lasted three weeks and we never saw each other! Like, literally, we only saw each other TWO times! And I am not lying! Most of our relationship was only by text because I didn’t have unlimited calls back then. So there was NO communication, NO physical interaction and NO specialness to our “relationship”.

Third: The first week was sweet. He always texted me “Good morning” texts and :Good night” texts. But after that first week, he became sour and bitter. He didn’t tell me that he “Loved me”, he didn’t even bothered to text me as much as he used to, plus he started making up fights for no reason!! For example, He got mad at me for being rude to him when he called me childish, immature and too innocent for him. I mean, come on! If you don’t like me the why don’t you just dump me. But why didn’t he dump me? Because he had a system. One girl to have all the “inappropriate” physical contact (if you know what I mean), he had another girl to hang out with just as friends and then there was me, the girl that would take care of him and would actually provide him with stuff if we ever made it as far as to getting married but IT WAS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. He has different girls for different purposes. I was the one he counted it on for me to take care of him. But that is where he went wrong!

What happened during those last two weeks?

They were the most horrible ones. He kept asking me if I was cheating on him when he was the one cheating on me, and when I said NO, he never trusted me and started picking fights. I grew tired of it very quickly and he was always telling me that he was spending time with my best friend because I was never around. And the truth is that I was avoiding my own boyfriend. I was very mad at my best friend because she knew I was going out with him but she still made a move and my boyfriend was now cheating on me with three different other girls!! Yes, mu best friends started going out with him too, and what was the worst part??

My best friend lived three doors down from my house and my boyfriend live across the street from me so yeah!! I had to see his face every day. All those two times we saw each other my best friends was around.

That’s when the truth came out. They were together ever since he asked me out!!

Ever since I found that out I decided to push him away even more now! I stopped texting him as often and he noticed. That when he started going out with my best friend even more!!

The day we broke up was the most brutal day of all. I was acting like I didn’t know anything. My best friend was being very cheery with me as if she hadn’t done anything. We were in her house because her mom was taking us to see a movie. We were both waiting by her mother’s car when my boyfriend called and I ignored it. When I looked up at his two level house, he was on the second floor balcony looking at me. I smirked at him and he glared at me. He climbed down his stairs and walked toward us. I saw that he came to my best friend first and kissed her cheek while hugging her. she didn’t seem to pull away so I just ignored them I stepped into the car and locked the doors. He got mad and tried to open it and started yelling at me. I laughed and flipped him off. He got mad and walked away. That when my best friend’s mom came and drove us to the movies. Once we were there and her mom left. My best friend got a call, she smiled and walked away talking. Once she was done I asked her who she was talking to and she said HIM! Yes! My EX boyfriend. I got mad at her and walked away.

That’s when HE texted me saying how was I as if nothing ever happened and I told him to leave me alone that we were over. It seemed pretty mean breaking up by text but that’s the minimal thing he deserved.

At the end of this all, my now EX boyfriend hasn’t contact me since then. And my now EX best friend ahs tried to contact me but never could. They both became official and only lasted 8 months. After that I decided to forgive her but I wasn’t planning on ever talking to her just because what she did wasn’t very nice and I wasn’t going to FORGET it. She told me she needed to confess things to me. AND WHAT I FOUND OUT WAS SHOCKING!!

My EX boyfriend happened to be in a gang and he was the one who spied other gang members of other rival groups. He was carrying a gun all the time. Which that scared me!!! And he was a drunk! He always drank when I didn’t answer him and ended u calling my Ex best friend. AND WORST OF ALL! The gang he was in was always looking around for him and if he got in trouble, his girlfriend was the one to pay! Thank God I got rid of him or who can imagine what would have happened to me.

What would have happened if I would have stayed with him? I really don’t want to think about it!



“Please, be careful of the guy you are willing to become a partner with! You may know him from the surface but you may never know what he really is up to. I am not saying to break up with your boyfriends, if you have any. All I am saying is to be careful picking your partners. That’s why Friendships exist.  You use the friendship to get to know the other person well. And if that other person is willing to wait too, that means he/she cares about you too. Don’t make the same mistake I did. I only got to know him for days and then we became a couple. You really need to feel like He/She is THE ONE before you do anything. I’m not saying to undecided, just make good choices!”

Every Thing Happens For A Reason


“Everything happens for a reason. But sometimes that reason is that you’re stupid and you make bad decisions.”

The picture says it all. You need to think and then act. Because of this exact reason is why in this world there are break-ups, divorce, broken hearts, broken friendship, broken trust, bad communication, etc. We need to learn that, even thou we are mad or sad or just want to explode inside, patience is key.


You are mad at your wife or husband. you them him or her that you want them dead or you wish they were out of your life. But before you say that, imagine if that person was really dead. Imagine that person with someone else. Do you really want that? Well… if you tell them to go to hell, trust me that they will just go. Some might not, but other may. Relax, think and then talk.

You are a teenager. You need to clean your room and your mom is nagging you to do so. She is always in your case and bothering you all the time. One day you just explode and tell her to go die in a hole, or just tell her off. What if she went to the supermarket and have a car accident? She dies on impact, then what are you going to do? You had no chance of telling her you were sorry. That’s why you better avoid bursting out at someone because you may never know when they will go away. Always have a clean state with everyone and your life will be better.




I personally don’t believe in coincidence. Its your actions that lead you to every single destiny. Whether you choose to go to the party that has drugs and alcohol or you decide to stay home. Your decision will affect what will happen to you. You go to the party. End up drunk, in some ones room. If don’t go, you stayed safe and wouldn’t end up getting raped. Its a reality that most people try to ignore.




Laughter Is The Best Medicine

“I laughed so hard, tears ran down my leg.”

‘Its true, laughter is the best medicine. Every time you feel sad, angry, anxious or nervous; find a friend that you know will make you laugh and you can be sure, you’ll feel much better.’

‘Some people say it takes 43 muscles to frown and 17 to smile. Others say that it takes 26 to smile and 62 to frown. Either way, smiling if effortless; frowning drains your energy. So perk up! It takes nothing to smile.’

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